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Herbs, Flowers, Fruits, Vegetables & Seaweeds are used to manufacture a vast range of extracts, flavours, juices & infusions. These are made from fresh and dried ingredients using various solvents and can be preservative free.

The authenticity & strength of these products is vital. Hence all product details are clearly described in comprehensive specifications. Blue Sky’s products are subdivided into the following ranges:

PhytaPure - Organic extracts certified by the UK’s Soil Association (S.A. licences P5324 & DJ05324). These products also conform to the European COSMOS Organic standards.

PhytaFair - Plant extracts using certified Fair Trade botanicals (Flo-cert 21529).

PhytaFarm - Herb extracts made from plants cultivated or wild harvested at Castle Farm.

PhytaFix - Plant extracts with standardised levels of specific compounds such as Caffeine and Polyphenols.

PhytActive - Extracts made from plants which deliver proven activity.

- A range of bespoke extracts where the customer specifies the botanical, the solvent, the strength and the preservative system.

To see Blue Sky’s BOTANICALS LIST click here.